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Access to personal development books, motivational videos,
Guide to Happiness video tutorial Part 1,
Access to 3 concentrated meditations:
10 Minute Super Charger,
Creating Sparks plus workbook,
Focus & Concentration.

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General membership plus
Access to our secret Facebook Community,
Guide to Happiness  full video tutorial series,
Access to 10 additional concentrated meditations:
Belief - Strengthen your ability to achieve your desires.
Conscious Time - Get the most out of every minute.
Dream Play - Enjoy profound and rejuvenating relaxation.
Get Around To It - Eliminate procrastination and succeed by design.
Happy For No Reason - Build an unshakable inner home for happiness.
Ideal Weight - Reach and maintain your ideal weight - naturally.
Power Thinking - Think clearer, smarter, faster.
Simplicity - Uncomplicate your life for more freedom and joy.
You Deserve It - Gratefully receive life's abundant gifts.
Youthful Vitality - Enjoy the creative energy and vitality of youth.

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Silver plus the complete concentrated meditation library (42 sets) including:
Abundant Money Mindset - Move beyond limits and build financial strength
Anxiety Free - Gain freedom from fears and project strength.
Automatic Pilot - Eliminate negative self talk and self sabotage.
Break The Habit - Free yourself from the cycle of vicious behaviors.
Deep Relaxation - Enjoy profound rejuvenating relaxation.
Fresh Start - Make each moment a new beginning.
Holiday Cheer - Feel, peace, love, and joy toward the world.
Instantaneous Personal Magnetism - Turn on poise, charm, and sex appeal.
Intuition Amplifier - Clarity, trust and power in your inner knowing self.
Letting Go - Emotional freedom from what holds you back.
Living The Law Of Attraction - Consistently attract good, positive, and extraordinary.
Memory Super Charger - Strengthen your memory and concentration.
New Action Generator - Make choices, take action, succeed.
New Behavior Generator - Neutralize unwanted behaviors and take on new ones.
New History Generator - Transform memory that are blocking you.
New Option Generator - Find new solutions and choices from within you.
Peak Performance - Motivation for superior results.
Perfect Health - Align your mind and body for self healing and well- being.
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Gold plus downloadable pdf workbooks to 3 corresponding meditations each month.

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