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I'm a straight shooter with a passion for helping people, with everything from algebra homework to putting the pieces together in your life and business. Are you tired of living the same life year after year? Setting the same goals? Missing the same targets YEAR AFTER YEAR? I'm here to help you TAKE IT UP A KNOTCH and actually ACCOMPLISH SOME GOALS this year!!  I coach from a place of personal experience.  Through a combination of studying under great mentors, taking classes, reading books, living life, and testing strategies, I have discovered simple, yet life changing adjustments that have changed my life FOREVER.

I'm here to walk you through your own personal adjustments, avoiding the trial and error of trying to figure it out.  Afterall, if you knew how to be better, you would already, right?

If you're READY to 10X YOUR WHOLE LIFE with SIMPLE changes that you probably  just didn't know, APPLY below for a free 20 minute discovery session now.

If you're open to the reality of change and personal growth... and the possibility of creating the life of your dreams, I look forward to speaking with you soon!

-Takia D. Hansley


Takia Hansley DR

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